Ramblin Lamb – Health and Wellness Marketing and Information Content

Since 1997 – training, writing, and photography have been the mainstay of her career. Transitioning from technology to wellness fit her passion and her compassionate nature.

Nancy Lamb creates meaningful, interesting content that brings your website to life. With Nancy’s gift of compassion, she easily writes in ways that reach the heart. It’s not just selling with words but connecting with your target audience.  Nancy offers expertise in health, wellness, and lifestyle writing. She’s also a great medical advocate, caregivers voice, and researcher. Nancy-2

Nancy says:  I started my writing career because I was in jobs where I found myself creating clear presentations, training manuals, and letters that got results. I loved making complexities understandable, readable, and actionable.  That’s how I went from sales to writing.  It’s still a love for teaching and educating, but different than a sales gig. I can be tough, but I can let my nature shine through. Enough with the dry, dull hard data. After dealing with technocrats for 13 years, I needed to find a way to align my heart with my articulate nature.

It was 2008. As the economy tanked, I knew I had to do something different. It was time for change. I was suddenly facing a new challenge. I began studying copywriting and freelance business operations. It made sense. Companies still needed articulate and persuasive writing. Nancy launched her business with a focus on serving without chains.
Employers loved the service mindset, attention to detail, and ability to manage complexity. Nancy loved the variety and the challenge plus the continued learning.

Ramblin Lamb Communications was born out of my desire to create powerful training, programs, and content, that lead and educate.  Becoming a health and wellness writer is the only natural niche for this health fanatic and adventure loving athlete.  She applies what she’s learned in teaching  training programs in health, wellness, technology, and photography.

Nancy’s passion for healthy living led her to expand her writing into coaching. As her focus crystalized, she did what many writers don’t do. She studied in earnest and became a Holistic Health Coach in her own right.  This paved the way to offer a unique niche in web writing.   She offers wellness workshops, one on one coaching, and creates custom clinics.  Nancy’s previous career in project management and corporate communications brings her web clients and expertise usually not found in small freelance businesses.

Ramblin Lamb Communications gets it done for you.

Ramblin Lamb  – Expert in health and wellness content.

Certified Training and Communications Specialist
Certified Holistic and Integrative Health Coach
BA in Hospitality Administration with a special focus on Foods, Nutrition, and Conference Management
so passionate about healthy, green living that she just wants everyone to know how great it feels to take care of your self.