Good Business Management means a variety of things:
Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Planning and Organization

We don’t do it all, but we do, we do really well.

Website Design, Content Creation and Content Curation

Since the 80’s, we’ve been in IT and the World of the Web — what I mean is we’ve been on it for so long it’s not new, but it’s always changing and that’s why we love it.

Web Design and Information Management
– Lay Out, Space Utilization, Theme Selection
– Content Creation, Content Curation, Content Management
-White Papers
-Case Studies
-Processes, Plans, and Instructional Guides
– Web Copywriting – promotion of you and your cause on the web using your site, social media, or email marketing

Yes, I do. I’m a writer and designer after all.  I write clearly, keep things concise, and lead your readers to a common sense solution.

Management, Operations, Organization & Planning

Accounting, Bill Paying, Deciphering Medical Bills or Insurance Recaps — been doing this for so many years I forget it’s a skill many need help with.
Organizing computer storage space is like organizing a file system.  I worked hard at Boeing to create the taxonomy and the file management systems that kept our portal teams up and running, with easily findable data and complete archivable documentation. At a defense supplier, I quickly became the customer interface expert and high level execs from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Allied General, and several Aerospace Giants would call me to get the information they needed — or get their orders expedited.

General Operations can be anything from a consistent system to simply knowing what to do when and where to put what.  For the home owner it’s one thing. For the business owner, it’s a whole different set of challenges. But to me as your expert: It’s operational organization and I’m here for you. We make it work for you. There’s nothing worse than having someone design a system for you that doesn’t work the way you think.  When I create your ops system, it’s designed to work with you – not force you to work with it.  (it’s also why we have to have an initial consult so I can best determine which systems will do you good)

Organizing home office space, kitchen cabinets sounds so simple to me, but to many it is a daunting task.  Let me help you.  I used to do this for families — once a year, we did cupboard and closet makeovers.

Caregivers — look no further. I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. I can easily help you create the system that will serve to keep you sane:
Contact lists, Template Creation, Project Plans, To Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Medication Lists, Doctor communications ….


Information Technology
Baby Boomers
Business Owners
Home Owners
Caregivers and Providers
Anyone willing to pay for professional business services