Selling Something

Everyone is Selling Something.

Selling Something – anything – is done much better when you know the basic 5 steps of selling! If you want to learn, I’m here to mentor. If you want a great script to ease your calling, I’m ready to write.
You start by knowing your target audience. Just like in writing.  Which is why my writing is naturally fitted to writing sales scripts. For YOU.

 We are always selling ourselves. When we sell something, we are meeting someone’s needs. There’s a good way to make an impression and a bad one too. Having a good script is what helps you flow. The sales process is not magic. And when you do it right, it flows with a certain ebb and flow that takes the client right to the natural close.

Fake Friending is not selling and completely ineffective! 

Do you cringe when a stranger calls and says Hey – it’s your friend, Liz, calling?
Liz? I spoke with Liz once on the phone last Tuesday about possibly buying a car. Now, she’s my friend? Hah.  Liz is selling something. Cars. She has no idea that she already lost points by saying “Hi, this is your friend Liz”  When you call someone, just cut the fake stuff and get to the point of why you are calling. It can be so simple and smooth it’s silly.

Like this:
“Hi, This is Liz, We spoke last week and I was thinking about you when I saw this black Subaru Outback come in. I think you’ll like it. I’d love to show the car to you. What do you think?”  PAUSE… No fake friending. Just a little pleasantry combined with a clear reason for the call. 

Selling Something: It’s easy when you have a working script. 

Because we like to talk, we can get lost in our storytelling. I learned early on that the only way to stay on track was to have a map. I wrote my own scripts for the cold call, the presentation and the follow-up. When you have a script, you can flow. Working Scripts flow with the natural ease of the 5 step sales process and with that you win. When people call me selling something, I listen. 

A call came in last week that broke all the rules. It went like this:

 “Ring ring:
Hi, Is this Nancy?  Are you still living at xxx? Are you going to sell?
Do you know what was wrong with that call?
Think about it like a dance. If you know the right steps, it’s fun.
She did not identify herself, her company, her position. I had to ask. She launched right into asking personal questions and I didn’t know her name, position, or company. You get much farther down the sales cycle when you are upfront, honest, and efficient. You don’t start off without identifying yourself and asking personal questions. That’s just rude. 

Sales Scripts that Work

A good script makes the difference between a hang-up and an appointment. It’s the answer to getting to the closing questions. it allows for fluidity and flexiblility. Make it an easy flowing conversation that is friendly, but concise. Don’t fake friend people. It’s obnoxious.

Listen, if you pick up your phone to cold call, you must be prepared to introduce yourself properly, let the prospect know how you found their name, and why you are calling. If you don’t, you’ll be looking for a new job sooner than you can shut off your computer.

Fake Friends who disappear as soon as the ink is dry are not friends. 

It’s just a sales tactic.  

While it’s fine to wing it, you always do better when you follow a plan. My Dad always said: Plan your work and work your plan. Repeatedly. It was his mantra.

Without a good script, you lose the prospect’s attention before you have a chance to get it. No one wants to be sold.  When I teach you some basics, write your scripts, and give you that extra natural edge, you will be ahead of the pack. If I can do it, anyone can. I sucked until I was trained. It was thrilling to suddenly have all those failures fall away as I felt a rhythm building. I closed my first call. That gave me the confidence to keep going. Soon, I had a 25% closing rate. I was mentoring new salespeople, working with our management to develop better prospecting and better sales processes. But my closing rate of 25%? Using the same essential tactics when running my photography and web design businesses, I closed 3/4 calls.

Good Salespeople are taught, not born.

Knowing what I know now, it amazes me that so many companies see sales as a spaghetti theory numbers game. It’s not. It’s an art and a science. Most new salespeople don’t receive some of the simplest training out there. It isn’t rocket science. You follow the 5 steps of sales, adapt to you and to your target, set up a system and follow it. It becomes a numbers game when you have the right scripts to follow. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it is a personality thing – it really is about selling something. With the right mix of words. It is not magic. It is not natural. It is an art and a science.  Sure it takes high energy and endurance, but it’s not a natural thing.

My Offer to you:

Do you think it valuable to learn some old-school tactics to propel yourself into success? Many are more comfortable with digital communications so in person or phone connections create stress.  Let me make that easier for you!

Do you want a custom script for your product or service? I love doing these.
Do you want a generic script? I’ll put together a single telemarketing script that you can use or a series of several calls.
Do you want the whole sales campaign crafted to fit you and your offerings? Let me do for you what I did for myself.

Wheres the Proof?

Look, no one likes to brag, but if I don’t tell you some of my story, you’ll think I’m blowing smoke. And I’m not.
Suddenly, I had appointments all over the place, was becoming the top rep, and ultimately training colleagues. What I do for you is create the pathway for you to get in front of your prospect and carry out an
 easy conversation. It works.
Me in front of Kenny Easley, a local football legend? Yes, I got that appointment and sat face to face discussing a little pager.
Me in front of the head of sales for Nike? I was just a skier and sports fanatic, but I got that appointment, worked hard to win the sale, and he saved himself some $1000 a month in expenses.
I sold several sports organizations, worked with lawyers, business owners, realtors, and many big named people.

Why Me? 

Look, there is no better way to learn than to learn from someone else’s failures. I say this because I mastered the art of persuasion by failing. Hard. And then, I learned. My early mentors just pushed and pushed, but never taught how. I learned. And soon enough, I was feeling the rush of success and man it felt good.
Yes ME. I got those appointments on my own, did a good job with the whole sales process, and when it came time to ask for the order, it was a natural question. Yes ME. I get a thrill just thinking about it because all those other failures did some serious damage. And now? I can help you avoid the same mistakes. 

I make your sales job easier! 

Training matters.  And it’s the same for writing. I learned. It’s not just a love for words, it’s a love for people. When I write, I write to you. When I write for you, I write as if I am speaking to your clients.

Failing in sales more times than I remember was brutal. Coming from a family of sales professionals, it was humiliating beyond normal. They didn’t teach me, they assumed it was a natural thing – but after I learned, I realized they never did what I was doing. Once I learned and learned the right way, I gained the confidence to look them in the eye knowing that it wasn’t me that failed – it was that I just never knew what I didn’t’ know. Go figure.

Basic Training

I learned from basic training. Because my sales manager, Mark Powell, was keen on role-playing during sales meetings, we came to find even that was fun and creative. We’d come up with all kinds of objectives, and we’d work through them. By the time we got in front of a customer, we’d gone through most scenarios and were well trained to figure out answers. And we carried out the role-playing during breaks from cold calling. My Sales Bootcamp, if you will, was a 5-day training that evolved into years of having fun and making money.

Really, I sold a lot of stuff. I failed a lot. But from my early youth, I knew that I had it in me if selling the right things. Heck, I introduced friends to things and they thought I was so smart. HAH. As a young adult, I tried real estate, insurance, placement agencies, timeshares….all I knew was it was too stressful until I learned some simple steps.

Repeated failures were common and devastating until I learned the 5 basic steps of selling, and then cultivated that into each encounter.

My System: Mentoring You to be Better than you know you can be

That’s what I can teach you. I created a system and can now duplicate it.  so that I could stay on track and duplicate each call.When selling pagers, my cold calling was successful because of a great script. My appointments were on track, I stuck to a set time frame, and walked away with more sales because the qualified prospects were able to interrupt, ask questions, but never take me off track. That way, they could ask what they needed but I covered all the important benefits. I created the scripts that worked. And now, I do it for clients. It’s just one more way I help professionals grow.Cold calling becomes just a numbers game when you have a good script. You can use it or hire someone else to use it. Easy. Let me help you. If you aren’t comfortable with this process, just hire me.

See – Selling Something – anything – takes some simple things like knowing yourself, your market, and your product. But it takes selling something with the desire to help. If you are just selling something to make a buck, you lose an essential hidden piece of the puzzle. Your buyer will sense this as if you have a sign over your head screaming how hungry you are. Integrity is where selling something become magic. 

Hang with the Veterans in your line of work

In this article, the author hits one key aspect. Spend time with veterans. Follow them around. Do mock roleplays. Don’t waste the opportunity to talk about football or fashion. Use the time to role play. It’s fun, it takes you from novice to expert fast, and you make a good friend. Selling something is a way of life. 

Sales presentations become conversations. They can interrupt you as much as they want with questions, you don’t miss a beat when armed with the right information and place keeper. They can push you away repeatedly, but if you offer consistency, you get in the door and then you have that standard script from which you flow into a killer sales presentation. And then you close naturally with a simple question. 

Don’t waste time and effort

If you don’t have a script, you are losing time and money. 

Like my old Jeep Renegade, fitted with the right outdoor gear, a good script can take you where you want to go, get you off track, take you back to home base. Without a track, you can so easily get lost in the conversation. The scripts I’ve created have kept conversations flowing with that keen sense of when and how to get back on the beaten path. 

Selling Something is like the rugged finesse of my old Jeep.

Selling is like the rugged elegance of a great Jeep. It takes a beating but it gets you there in comfort.

If you want an expert to write your script for you, I’m right here. Ready to write for you.  Tell me what you think you want, what you’ve done, what you think you should do. We’ll talk. I’ll write. You’ll get more sales. You’ll refer your colleagues and friends to me. Simple. Right?