Restaurant Reviews

Tilth: Seattle’s Truly Organic

Topping off a truly Summer in Seattle kind of day was dinner at Tilth, in Seattle. This has to be Seattle’s Best Organic Restaurant. That doesn’t mean vegetarian, but they have Vegan and Gluten Free options if you like that. Owner, Maria Hines, beat Morimoto in an Iron Chef Competition. She’s THAT good.
We were greeted like old friends. We don’t get there that often, but it’s my favorite. The casually gracious and friendly ambiance just makes this place perfect. Greeted and treated like their best customers ever! The meal was perfect. Starting with an interesting duo of Amuse Bouche, you get the feeling you are in a special place. As we finish, the host comes to our table with a little tasty bite on two spoons. He has with him the bill and a book.

Who comes to your table carrying a book they are reading — like they are on a break. No one. The book was their gift to us:
My Organic Life by Nora Pouillon — the First to have a Certified Organic Restaurant. The book was just released in April 2015. What a treat! I suspect I’ll be reading in the back yard for the next few days. And somehow, it feels like a sign – a turning point – a message of sorts. Grateful. Such a beautiful way to spend the day.

Thanks to you, Richard Lamb – and to Tilth for making our day so wonderful.