I work hard to meet your needs, make it fun, but keep it professional and well managed. My take on a shoot is I need to make you feel like I’m your best friend and we are capturing you comfortably doing what you love. I don’t force a shot – I let your nature come through the lens. During a recent shoot, Nancy was told by the Director of the event that participants appreciated the respect we showed for their engagement without interfering or interrupting their flow.

Photography by a Pro:  Brilliant and Bold!                             

Making your business, your product and you look magnificent


Lifestyle & Living

Macros of florals, plants, buds, and bugs


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Our Clients

Our Photos are usually purchased by companies who want to use the photography for their websites and marketing materials. Whether the buyer is a company, nonprofit, entrepreneur, or sometimes an agency or magazine, we strive to make your assignment smooth. We work on assignment and we also offer a full gallery of stock for purchase. A recent realtor has purchased 5 Northwest Images to use on his website. Featured in Western Art and Architecture Magazine.  Here’s a full gallery of the woodworker shoot

We work with business owners and creative directors to produce exquisite Architecture, Real Estate, Hotels, Restaurants, Spa photography. It helps that we have experience in these areas and really understand what the buyer is seeking. That understanding comes through in our imagery.

Our first paid client was the famous Solstice Spa and Guest Suites in Leavenworth, WA.

We later enjoyed working with the Storm King Cabins and Spa in Ashford, WA.

As lovers of woodworking, we attend the Wooden Boat Festival nearly every year. Falling in love with the fine, exacting work of these shipbuilders caught our eye. Here is a gallery of one of our passion pursuits: The Annual Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA

Cause Marketing and Photography:

I  love supporting certain causes that call my heart. I’ve been a fan of women’s empowerment and nonviolent communications since the late 90’s so it’s only natural that my photography supports these causes. It’s a new wave of fundraising for causes to team up with corporations for mutual advertising and marketing.
My first event was the Deception Pass Dash, followed by several years of continued shooting. For years, I braved the elements to head out and capture active photography for the kayaking groups in the NorthWest.  Later, I found myself accepting assignments working with women’s leadership groups such as Cycle the W.A.V.E, the WAVE Foundation, and Antioch University.
I’ve also enjoyed shooting private events.  It’s all about the heart. My portrait and event work brings out that spark of life.

Here’s some of our favorite shoots:

Cycle the WAVE 2013

Cycle the WAVE 2012

Women’s Leadership Summit at Antioch University

Deception Pass Dash


Giving credit where it is due, I give thanks to my mentors:

Richard Lamb was an excellent photographer and taught many about the art and the technicals of fine art nature photography prior to an illness.
Alain Briot worked with Michael Reichman and produces articles, books and video instruction.
Guy Tal mentored and kept me exploring to find my own eye and passion for this art.
Sean Watson asked leading questions that helped me build confidence and style.
and Teri Theberge kept me laughing, exploring, and enjoying a world where art met fun and passion.

My thanks to you all. There are others, but you 4 made me who I am today.