How I Work

Ramblin Lamb: It’s my business to help you with your business.

Marketing Strategy and Planning
Web Site Design using WordPress
Site Mobilization
Web CopyWriting
Instructional Writing
White Papers
Case Studies

It’s all about communication. Just like a date, we need to take some time to get to know each other. I need to know you before I can write in your voice or even create a photograph that screams “this is you”.

We explore your short and long term goals.
We discuss you Pain Points.
We evaluate what is working, and why.

During our initial consultation, we clarify your needs, wants, desires. We look at long and short term goals. And we carve out an initial plan.

I carve out a proposal. On your acceptance, we are committed to ensuring the job is done to your liking. This is a contract. When you accept my terms, you provide a 50% payment up front and 50% on first delivery.  Some clients prefer a retainer agreement. That means I am paid each month at the beginning of the month to retain my time for that month.

If on a retainer, the client pays by the 3rd of each month. No payment? No delivery of work in progress. You have my personal commitment to treat you with respect and honor.  I expect the same. Once the project scope is set, revisions and scope creep are renegotiated into an amended contract. Deal?

Of special note: I love to help people, but as you already know, free isn’t a good deal.  I’ll do one free revision. After that, time is billed.