Empowerment – its what you feel when you can do for yourself

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Didn’t you just want to scream when you learned the investment cost of a website?

Doesn’t it just get you frustrated to know that something so easy could be so complicated? I mean, it looks so simple and elegant online — why is it so darned hard to get mine to look like that?

Or — now what was that I did again?

My pet peeve is the overpriced websites for beginners. Sure, a good site might have to cost me money – but for a simple 5 page site it shouldn’t cost double my mortgage! ¬†Right? I mean, if it’s so easy, I may as well just do it myself.

That’s my thought at least.

We offer custom training and empowerment sessions!

What that means is you can end the misery of feeling like you should be able to do it yourself so why are you paying this other person. Many of us are pretty smart, highly creative, and just need a little help getting rolling.

That’s why

We offer custom training and empowerment sessions!

We love to help people get off the starting block. And then we are here later to support on technical issues. We do this because we know there are many people out there just like us: Smart, Technically Savvy, and Creative.

6 hours

One day

One Website

All Virtual

You bring your artwork, content, and domain name. If it’s not registered yet, we’ll work with you to make it so.

At the end of your empowerment session, you will have a website set up with your artwork, your theme, your content.

It’s that EASY!

What’s it cost?

Well, we’d rather charge you $3000 since we won’t be building the site for you. This is all about empowerment, folks. Integrity is so important to building a relationship. We can’t do that to you since the whole idea is this is how you are saving money and getting started.

We are offering this one day service at a low cost of $850 a day.