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Overcoming Objections Naturally

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In Sales 101, it’s all about overcoming objections.

The real objection to buying

isn’t addressed during the close. The real objection to signing up isn’t overcome with answers to objections. If it’s there at the beginning, it must be overcome during the talk. Simple.  The real objection has to be dealt with through the 5 steps of sales. All sales. Sales Copy and Web Copy are the same way. You’ve got to overcome the hidden objective. How? Well…

Picture this: You are reading a letter. It’s hitting all your needs. It’s hitting all your hidden questions too. But you don’t buy. Why? The ” Buy Now Button” flashes and you ignore it. You read on. You hear all about their great successes. You see cool photos, and you read amazing claims of success, and then they hit you with it.

The Deal.  You read you kind of like what you see. They do it. They make you The Big Offer: If you buy today, I’ll give you an exclusive deal. If you sign up today, I’m giving you so many bonuses you can’t say no. It reminds me of one of our favorite closing lines: “What is in the way of our doing business today?” or “What is in the way of my earning your business today?”  The lines roll right off like I’ve been saying them for decades. And I cringe every time I hear it asked. It’s the same as that flashing BUY NOW button. What’s stopping you?

WHAT MAKES YOU PAUSE? What is that real objection that overrides all others?

That’s what you need to know. That’s what you need to know about YOUR buyers too. Why didn’t they buy? Did they leave the page to come back later and still didn’t buy? We need to know what is going on!  It’s subtle, but it’s the deal killer all the time. In fact, if you have it with me you are still reading. If not, you are impatiently wanting to know the bottom line so you can say no. Smile! It’s true. I get it.  That one hidden objection is the one that you have to solve or no deal. Period.

I heard it just last week: “Other people are literally taking out loans to buy this coaching program. Some are taking out mortgages to ensure they can get in on the deal.” As soon as I heard it, they lost me. They hadn’t built the right mix.

I sucked at sales until I learned this secret. I sucked at buying decisions, too. That’s why I am confident that my persuasive writing is what will help you win more clients, elevate your sales, and build your self-confidence.  I learned the hard way. You don’t have to. In our writing process, you will learn these same invaluable business tools.

I give you that one thing that lowers that natural resistance. I give you that resistance softener so powerful that surface objections fall away, and decisions flow. I don’t need to already know your product — you have all the background information. I get to have my way with words and provide for you that artistic persuasive writing that makes you better and bigger and takes you beyond.

Ready to know what that one little thing is?

Overcome objections with the right words.

Words that overcome objections are golden when they build on this one time-tested secret.


Drilled into me during my sales training days, it still rings true.
There is a way into the process that opens doors, opens hearts, and takes a sales process into a consultative spin indecision-making. It’s all in the process.
If you don’t establish trust, you aren’t going to sell anything.

I help you elevate your web content and marketing information to a new level. A level of compelling trust. A level where your buyers instinctively know they can trust you.

Nancy helps clients overcome objections

Nancy Lamb – writing every day

You provide the product, I’ll provide the content, and we’ll work with integrity to make your customers happy.

I am always eager to create new marketing strategy and consult with new clients. If I can give you a few tips, you may not need me to write for you. If you hate writing, let me do that.

I’m a marketing consultant.


If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

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I guess it depends on how broke is broke. I just spent an hour trying to perfect a font color scheme. It wasn’t broken. It didn’t need fixing. It just needed a little love.

Now that I have a fresh eye on the situation, I see a totally better solution that will allow for simplifying the whole strategy.

If it’s broken, definitely fix it.
If it’s needing love, do a little, step away, and see if it helps.
If it’s needing more love, think about how to make it better and simpler.

In this day and era of web mastery by the numbers, people really want a good looking, usable, and informative site. There are many things you can do to simplify and beautify without blowing the whole thing apart. Like what, you ask?

First,  make sure the important stuff is above the fold. Ok, there is no fold, but make sure your important stuff is at the first screen. If you make people scroll down, you will lose them.

Second, get rid of the noise.  This is true whether you are looking for new clients or looking for a job. Your target market may not care that you worked in Medical Technology or Aerospace if you are selling custom soap or massage therapy services.  Your target market may just want to know that you have 18 years experience writing and that you know a lot about their service business.  Or – the target may be someone who needs you to create a compelling story.  Does what you did in your early career add value to your current story? Tell them a compelling story about why you know who they are and how to sell their business. Proof, right?

And a final nit: Up to date does not mean a wildly colorful and distracting page. Go for white space, consistency, and spacing. Especially, make sure the headings and subheadings are the same consistent style, font, and size.  If they are different, they compete for attention and the eyeball doesn’t stop going back and forth to figure out what is different. No, this isn’t perfectionism. After 13 years in photography, I learned to honor what my eyeballs are telling me. If they keep drifting back and forth, it’s a problem. Fix it.

I started studying website design back in the old days. I earned my webmaster certification in something like 2000, but the old stuff is still good stuff. Readable pages. Information targeted to the audience. Learn who you are talking to and your design plus your writing will show the client that you are the right one to help them.