Boeing Going Gone? — After the job, who are you?

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What’d you all think of the interview Mr. McNearny gave the other day. When we were Boeing employees and consultants, we used to joke that Mac was really all about working to his retirement, funding his bonuses with extreme cuts and short term vision of profits over quality.

As I read that article in the Seattle News Media, I couldn’t help but wonder.

When I left the dictum was to cut 4% per year no matter what. They also had an unspoken but clearly implemented rule of not hiring anyone who wasn’t considered a ‘recent college graduate.’

I feel bad for the last survivors of the Old Boeing – the place where people were proud to be there a lifetime.

There’s not much worse than just going through the daily grind, working like you are important but knowing your head could be chopped off any moment. At the whim of the newest manager, the wiles of the latest reorganizational demands, or simply because you chose to honor a family member’s need instead of working on a Saturday.

Yeah it happens — but here’s how to deal with it.

Boeing lays people off all the time. It’s just a job — a good job and great career while it lasts — but nevertheless, it’s just a job.

When you let your self-identity be defined by your employer, you are the one that set the stage. Sure, it’s hard to say goodbye to a job that you loved. But if you can always keep in mind that you are focused on self-improvement all the time, then your job, your skills, your training and your trajectory take you to new places. You might look back, but it’s with the keen eye of gratitude. You’ll never again feel that pang of getting kicked in the gut.