Web of Benefit

Web of Benefit had a unique need for an east coast version of a west coast website. Nancy ‘s team did a fantastic job not only understanding our needs, but also understanding the differences in locations and even coast-to-coast attitude differences.

They were right on target for the launch date and coordinated with our fall fundraising letter. They created the perfect website for our event, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. They were available whenever we needed them. They taught us how to do part of the work ourselves to help a nonprofit save money. They listened to our wants and added their expertise to make our ideas even better. They were fun to work with and were patient and calm even though we were not always that way.
Their fees were very fair and an excellent value for work well done.

We recommend them highly and will use them for any future design needs.

Johanna Crawford, Director, Web of Benefit

Pt2Achieve – Personal Trainer and Coach

When Apple decided to do away with iWeb, I looked into moving my site to another host but couldn’t figure out how to do it without completely recreating the wheel and/or spending countless hours figuring out how to do-it-myself. After speaking with a friend who’s non-profit (Cycle the Wave) used Ramblin Lamb Communications and looking at the incredible website they created, I was intrigued. They have been exactly what I needed! They listened to what I wanted to accomplish with my website, created a great platform and the taught me how to create, update & be self sufficient!   I appreciate that there are no hidden costs and lots of options for continued service if necessary. So no worries about being thrown to the wolves.

I’ve been impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm – absolutely recommend them with 100% confidence!

Shannon Treybig, Personal Trainer and Coach for Endurance Athletes

Ramblin Lamb to the Rescue! Suzanne Sease, Marketing Consultant to Photographer’s World Wide

I reached out to Ramblin Lamb and they worked quickly and efficiently to resolve it. My site was fixed and looked great! They told me to check my website periodically because things can go wrong. I checked and a plug in had changed my landing page. Ramblin Lamb got right on it and fixed it! They are both so experienced that you know you are in the right hands. And their honesty lets me know I am in great hands here in Virginia while they work in Washington State!

I am a consultant and I know what a personal experience on someone’s work is. I highly recommend working with Ramblin Lamb. You will be very happy that you did!!

Suzanne Sease Productions, Inc. Richmond, VA

Cycle the WAVE and The WAVE Foundation

Ramblin Lamb Communications team are dedicated to creating a masterpiece for you….and they know how to deliver!

Nancy Belur, The WAVE Foundation

Successful Health Coach with National Following

How are you such a graceful writer who knows how to draw compassion, humor, wisdom and wit so nicely together? You are an incredible articulate writer. So thoughtful. So appreciated. Thank you, my dear dear friend from the west. You are such a talented writer. I happily recommend you my clients for writing and web site services. ”

Jessica McCLesky Hood, Health Coach

Expert Copywriter

Nancy Lamb has an uncanny ability to understand her clients on a deeper level, whether she’s writing or coaching. She asks the right questions, clarifies the confusing, and makes emotional connections quickly. Combining her passion for health and nutrition with a talent for writing and communicating, Nancy delivers superior results every time. I recommend her work, and I also guarantee you’ll truly enjoy working with her. I know I do. September 3, 2012

Steve Roller(Copywriter, wordsmith and marketing strategist at WebContentCopywriting.com

Entrepreneur and Business Manager

“Nancy Lamb is a person who defines and examples commitment professionally and personally. Be it a verbal, visual or literal communicator in the roles of facilitator, project manager, and technical writer, she consistently gains consensus, equal status and complementary business relationships through clear conveyance, organizational skills, talent and diplomacy. She would be an asset to any team, project or organization.

Jan Islander

Marketing and Design Expert

“Nancy is very detail-oriented; her work is always exemplary. She works hard and is self-directed. Nancy writes excellent process documentation. She is able to simplify and clarify technical information in a way that is understandable to users at all levels. Nancy is someone I would be happy to work with on a project any time. She is very pleasant and creative.” Amy Lacy

Business Manager

I worked with Nancy Lamb for several years. We developed technical and financial presentations often with short notice and unclear requirements. Nancy is always cheerful and fun to work with. She never seemed bothered by last minute requests and her data was accurate and professional.” Connie Brown, Boeing

Master in working with At Risk Youth

I have known Nancy since the mid-80’s. She has consistently demonstrated a passion for healthy living. Her approach to supporting others to do so is a reflection of the commitment she has to herself and loved ones: steady, consistent, and unwavering.

-Stephen T. Wilson, MSW

Private Client

“Because Nancy captures the core issues and their underlying messages, the material Nancy provides resonates with the customer and seizes their attention with strength, emotion, and a call to action.”

DH, Bremerton, WA

Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur

“Nancy is unusually intuitive and quick. She picks up on the key ideas, substance, and tone of what you want to say, and can articulate it with incredible clarity.”

Tom Patterson, Executive Coach and Business Owner

Kayak Academy

“Nancy’s attention to detailed testing and editing helped us in the development phase of our website. Additionally, she is personable and takes great photos especially of people!”

Barb Gronseth, Kayak Academy, Issaquah, WA

“Nancy’s work is extremely detailed and professional. She won’t accept mediocrity for any client.”

Gary Rathbun, currently a Business Systems Consultant, Wells Fargo (business partner)

Interpoint – a Crane Company

“Nancy has a good ear for customer concerns and was able to translate them into clear recommendations to me in terms of adjusting business processes. Nancy also translated those concerns into clear action for production and shipping/receiving personnel. She filled a vital role on my team in a difficult, post-acquired environment at Interpoint. Nancy is articulate, thorough, and a positive presence. I would hire her in a moment if the right situation called for it.”
Don Hodun, Director Custom Division, CRANE – Interpoint

Sharon Hara and Associates, Marketing and Events Management

Nancy contracted with me to complete a market research project for a conference facility. Nancy’s success was due to her positive attitude, knowledge of sales, training, and the hotel industry. Her work led me to offer her a permanent sales position. Nancy is a tenacious personality who will be a major asset to any project or organization because her commitments are chosen carefully and then she does whatever it takes to get the job completed.
Sharyn G. Hara, Hara and Associates.

Marketing Specialist in Wine Industry

“Nancy has outstanding communication, organizational, and people skills as well as an abundance of integrity.”
Loren Jacobsen, Vice President Marketing, Hedges Cellars

SpaceLabs Medical Marketing Master

“Nancy did an excellent job for Spacelabs. She worked well with the team and was excellent with customers. Nancy has the ability to think ahead, anticipate situations, and take action to resolve issues. Nancy was a quick study in a fairly complicated business model. I would re-hire Nancy if the chance ever presented itself.” Mike Blume, Business Unit Director, SpaceLabs Medical