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Someone asked me who did all the management for our 3 companies.  I had to think about it. From a business service perspective, if I am managing 3 businesses without realizing it, then I must be pretty good. There’s a reason. I’ve mastered several skill sets by focusing on each one for many years.  That’s how I do it. I’m not a one-trick pony, but I focus hard for a long while on one thing, then add another.

Ramblin Lamb is your go to for business services. We’ve served Fortune 500 companies, Big Data, IT, Aerospace, Medical Manufacturing, Health Companies, Sole Proprietors, Financial Planners, and Insurance Companies. We’ve worked with Creative Agencies, Creative Directors, Non Profits, and even a couple Bike Shops. We work hard to offer a unique level of service and integrity. That’s what makes us so great.

Embracing the passion that propels one to mastering excellence, we’ve worked hard to build careers and then businesses using our expertise to provide stand out services.

We give you back your time so YOU can focus on doing what you love! That’s the real benefit! But there is way more. We work with you to ensure that your time can be focused on what YOU DO BEST, and we do a lot of the rest. We get you set up and running for a smooth and easy administration process. We load you with templates to make your time efficient. And if we can’t actually do it, we help you find the right person who will.

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